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About Eric Berken, Berken Insurance

I am from Louisiana. I was born in Rayne, Louisiana, and I have lived in Acadia Parish most of my life. After graduating from school, proud Wolf-Cajun-Owl-Tiger here, I have spent the majority of my adult life working jobs where I felt I can give back to my community. I spent many years as a Social Service Analyst, Unemployment Investigator, and a teacher as I have been driven to try to do positive work that helps others. For several years now, I have dedicated myself to help those who need assistance with their insurance needs. I have helped hundreds of people from all income levels locate the right plans for themselves and their families, and I realize that helping people in this way is what I enjoy doing.

I currently specialize in helping Medicare eligible people understand their options for Medicare. There are many options and carriers for each option, and I take the simple approach of verifying each persons current medical providers, regular healthcare needs, and prescriptions drugs and comparing them to available plans in the area. During this comparison and analysis, the best plan is determined based on the individual persons needs. That plan is what I recommend. If that fits a retiree's needs, then I'll help complete the sign-up once all questions are answered and the applicant is comfortable. No question is unimportant, and I believe each person should be allowed the time to think through this personal decision. I do not rush people into a decision.

In addition to Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement Plans, I offer Indemnity, Ancillary, and Life Insurance options. The Indemnity Plans, like hospitalization, pair well with Medicare Plans and do help cover co-pays that can come up with Medicare Plans. Similarly, Ancillary Plans, like Dental and Vision, give additional coverage where some Medicare Plans may be lacking. Finally, I offer Life Insurance, like Final Expense and Whole and Term Life Insurance, for those who feel they need this coverage. These plans work for helping families plan at any age. Final Expense typically works for retirement age family members who want to have coverage for this life event, and whole and term life for retirees making longer term plans for themselves and other family members.

I am available to talk over the phone or via email to setup an appointment. Appointments are available in person, over the phone, or virtual online. Whichever works best for you, I'll make work. I will answer all of you questions and concerns, and I can get any follow up materials you need to review prior to you making a final decision. If you choose a plan and we work together to sign you up, I will be available throughout the year to answer your questions. Finally, each year I will be available during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period to go over you plan details, and I will help you see if there is anything new that will help you and your family save money.

I am licensed in Louisiana and other states, although I focus on my home area, and I have partnered with all of the major Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Carriers in Southwestern Louisiana. I do this to give Medicare eligible members the option to choose the best plan that works for them. If you give me your time, I'd appreciate an opportunity to help answer your questions about Medicare and available plans in order to help you to make this important decision.